Our Venturia, ND, program includes obedience, force fetch, collar conditioning (with your permission), hand signals, working with live birds, water retrieving and teaching you the skills to handle your dog when you get home.


We are dedicated to the care of, training of and hunting with all gun dogs. We also offer boarding services in our Venturia kennel. We welcome you and your dogs to visit us on site and experience our boarding facility.


We can help you decide which gun dog breed would be best for your style of hunting. Our program is designed to help your dog, no matter what level he or she is trained to. Contact us at our Venturia, ND, location today for more information!

100X Retrievers

100X Retrievers offers a complete gun dog training program - from puppies to finished dogs, and everything in between. If you are looking for a professional dog training program with 40 years of experience, you have come to the right place! We proudly serve clients from all over the North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota area, and the rest of the county too!

Professional Gun Dog Training Program

Our gun dog training program is a full-service training program that encourages owner involvement. We want you to be able to handle your dog competently as the training progresses. After all, you want to hunt and/or run your dog in Hunt Tests and/or Field Trials. We will train your dog and teach you how to become a team player with your dog.

Year-Round Training Program

Our gun dog training program is a year-round program. We accept applicants all year long. The training center has plenty of space under cover. Puppies and young dogs can continue with their "yard work" even on the worst weather days.

Champion Personal Gun Dogs

We take great pride in our professional dog training program. Dogs in our program have gone on to become top notch personal gun dogs, Master Hunters, Master National qualifiers and finishers, Amateur Field Champions, Field Champions and National Championship qualifiers and finishers.

Contact Us Today

Please call us at (701) 684-6397 or email us to get more information about our Venturia dog training program. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your dog(s).

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